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About Awami Waistcoats

About Awami Waistcoats

You can make sure to give a smart update to your eastern style with the Rici Melion ready to wear awami waistcoats. Smarten up your shalwar kameez with our glistening color waistcoats crafted from premium fabric cut to the finest trim for a sharp fit, these waistcoats will elevate your eastern look. The entire eastern waistcoats collection are made with intricacy that will make you look royal and voguish.

Waistcoats are now a fashion statement they can be seen from the ramps of the fashion walks to the streets of Pakistan. Waistcoats over shalwar kameez or kurta are becoming a trend at Nikah/mehndi/barat functions as well. Rici Melion has an alluring collection of formal & casual waistcoats and when coupled with the simple shalwar suit, they add a dazzling effect.

Rici Melion makes sure that vogue and trend is on the peak of your splendor after you attire yourself with our classy collection of ready to wear eastern waistcoats. Awami waistcoat generally have a full vertical opening in the front, which fastens with buttons or snaps. With Rici Melion you can treat yourself with a wide collection of fashionable ready to wear awami waistcoats. These waistcoats are available in jute, cotton, silk, linen, velvet etc. & come in patterns like nehru Jacket, full/half stand or mandarin collar, piping work, embossed buttons, lace work and hand-embroidery.
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