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About RTW Formal Shirts

About RTW Formal Shirts

The foundation of Rici Melion’s craft includes the constant research that goes into quality raw materials, the introduction of new yarns and new dyeing and weaving techniques, finishing and extraordinary performance. Moreover, we will always strive hard to satisfy the people around the globe. Rici Melion ready to wear formal shirts are the perfect choice for men who have a taste for class and sophistication. The entire collection can be paired with suits, formal pants, chinos or jeans for effortless style.

Rici Melion understands that one of the most timeless garments in a man’s wardrobe are his formal shirts. The cut, the fabric and the print of shirts have evolved over the years, and Rici Melion has always adapted to the trends. The ready to wear formal shirts collection comprises of the most classic shirts that are plain, in white, blue or tertiary tones, ideal for whenever the occasion requires a formal dress code and also the printed shirts, striped or check ones suitable for all casual occasions. And if you feel like innovating, you can also add our short-sleeve, mandarin collar or linen shirts for the warmer days. The collection of shirts at Rici Melion will be your perfect wardrobe staple.

Rici Melion is making sure that there is a fresh wave of ready to wear formal shirts, and has made creativity alive with exclusive style choices. The collection of formal shirts include an entirely new wave of different color palettes and textures with slim fit Italian cut, full/half sleeves, angle cut cuffs, double French cuffs in different materials. The entire formal shirts collection is ideal for both formal and semi-formal occasions, you can wear them in office or in casual places for a sharp look. Everything about variety at Rici Melion in colors, designs, cuts and style is what you need for your wardrobe!

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