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Rici Melion Best Formal Shoes for Men | Shoes for Wedding in Pakistan

Rici Melion Best Formal Shoes for Men | Shoes for Wedding in Pakistan

Shoes define a personality!

Rici Melion, the finest designer label, makes sure to have precision in its state of the art construction with the elegance and expertise of the craftsmen in offering designer shoes. This is what leads the designer label to create a work of art and visual appeal by providing shoes for men that include formal shoes, office shoes, embroidered shoes, wedding shoes and in short, all kinds of shoes that one requires.

Rici Melion, a global designer label has timelessly been providing an extremely luxurious experience to its patrons through its premium quality formal shoes for men which are made from genuine and incomparable leathers. The leather shoes are handcrafted in order to cater the elite lifestyle of our patrons. All the shoes at Rici Melion are curated from genuine and pure leather with elegant silhouettes and fine welted construction for a lifetime, making them perfect for all the occasions. The shoes for men are completely hand finished and fully lined with soft leather and have been expertly crafted by the skilled artisan.  

Rici Melion Leather Shoes for Men

The entire leather shoes for men collection of Rici Melion is all about extreme comfort, exquisite design and premium quality. The designer label is solely working to create stylish shoes for men that are a prized possession that lasts for a long time for the extremely treasured men who want to feel luxurious & comfortable in all aspects. There is a worthy variety to choose from such as leather, suede, patent leather, silk, oxford style, derby style, loafers, Double/single monk, and buckled mules with and without tassels or punching details.

Rici Melion’s ready to wear shoe collection will elevate your entire look whether you wear them with either, a suit or a tuxedo or pair them with eastern dressing. Discover our collection of shoes for your everyday wear at office or any other formal occasion at Rici Melion’s official website where you can find shoes online shopping that include men’s summer shoes and also designer wedding shoes. Indulge in the enthralling process of bespoke/Su Misura embellished shoes of Rici Melion which will complete your eastern look. Rici Melion is known for drawing inspiration from the rich traditions and folklores to create classic timeless pieces that stand the test of time.

Each of the men’s smart shoes showcases the expert and skilled techniques, materials and work. All the comfortable dress shoes created at Rici Melion are unique because of the rich details and modern fitting combined with exquisite craftsmanship. There is no better place than Rici Melion to get pure leather shoes for men’s and the best dress shoes for men.

Rici Melion Best Formal Shoes for Men

The bespoke embellished shoes at the designer label, Rici Melion, best formal shoes for men and are an epitome of innovation, creativity and simplicity of the design, exquisitely hand stitched with exemplary detailing and finishing. The premium material of men’s leather dress shoes makes them highly comfortable and a perfect choice for the contemporary man to be adorned at any occasion. The entire process involves several meetings with our valued patrons so that we can provide utmost satisfaction and deliver the best shoes to our patrons.

In the first meeting with our patron and the stylists, measurements for the shoe are taken. The measurements are taken with accuracy and precision and after that the silhouette of the foot is sculpted by hand in wood, to curate comfortable dress shoes for men forming the last upon which the upper of the patrons bespoke made to measure pair of shoes will take shape. Incisions are made by Rici Melion’s master to ensure that the shoe is comfortable even with the slightest pressure points to the foot.

The designers at Rici Melion then start working on the design of the formal leather shoes and at Rici Melion the exquisite possibilities in designs for bespoke shoes are unlimited. Everything you require will be possible, it is as easy as you just choosing what you want and Rici Melion effortlessly creating it for you. Rici Melion provides the latest shoes for men that are the trending shoes for men. Our patrons can get formal shoes for men online at Rici Melion’s website with zero hassle where it is delivered at your doorstep. The comfortable dress shoes for men found at Rici Melion are just a class apart and are the perfect fashion shoes for men to acquire.

Rici Melion Best Formal Shoes for Guy

Rici Melion requires its patrons to have multiple fittings with our craftsmen because we consider the fit as the most important part of the bespoke shoe making process and there is no compromise on that. Our main aim is to make our happy and satisfied with the fit so we take it as our utmost priority to ensure a perfect fit. Our skilled artisans and designers will check and take notes on any changes and adjustments required in order to create the perfect fit that is apt for the wearer and are perfect as the best formal shoes for guys.

This entire process is a pure work of art and requires rigorous check and balance on our part to ensure that everything is perfect from the cutting and lasting to the stitching of the sole. Once finished and finalized according to the patrons requirement and after the quality check has been performed, they are presented in a box adorning the Rici Melion Bespoke signature mark with the essential shoe care kit as complementary along with it. Buy formal shoes from Rici Melion and be pleasantly surprised with the fit and quality of getting men’s dress shoes online. You can get velvet dress shoes, groom wedding shoes, formal shoes for guys and any other trending shoes for men that you prefer.


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