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All the Summer Rage….Pinstripes!

All the Summer Rage….Pinstripes!

Switching between the lively colorful shirts, colored sneakers, pastel and opalescent everything else, like us, you probably crave something in your summer wardrobe that is a little less ambitious.

We are here to remind you of something that has always been the rage of this sort and will always be; are pinstripes. A pinstripe suit, styled in a minimalist manner, which you can find expertly demonstrated at Rici Melion, remains an unparalleled style quotient. If you want to wear a shirt and tie, be extremely brave about it. Otherwise, you can just wear some pinstripe trousers and raise up your style game by looking effortlessly chic.

In all this time, the essence of the pinstripe style has remained; what has changed is that this time brands are experimenting with more subtle and informal stripes, so as to allow men to wear pinstripe suits not only at formal occasions such as weddings and parties but also at the workplace.

We will give you a quick rundown of ideas on how to easily pull off a pinstripe piece:

  1. Ditch the jacket of your pinstriped suit and pair your pinstriped trouser with a block colored blazer because they go really well together.
  2. The separates approach is inherently more relaxed, so lean into that aesthetic by breaking every rule on the dress code: white trainers, not black shoes; a shirt that looks best without a tie, try a button-down, polo or crew neck; and a sense of decency and respect for your fellow man.
  3. Although, the classic pinstripe suit look can still work. A sober pinstripe in a dark navy still looks smart and sophisticated when all the constituent parts are done right. You can switch from the uniform Oxford shoes that are associated with pinstriped suits to something more casual like loafers or monk straps.
  4. Keep your accessories minimal to go with the suit, either pocket square or a tie, but be careful not to pick both.
  5. When choosing a plain shirt to go with your striped suit it is important that the tones match, no matter what color they are.

No matter what you do, at some point in time a man has to wear a suit. A lot can be said about the basic navy blue or gray suit and how they are a great choice of formal-wear for various occasions. But if you have already got a selection of plain suits in your wardrobe or are looking for something more stylish, perhaps you should consider a pinstripe suit.

This summer season, give a stylish twist to your wardrobe by adding pinstripe options to your collection and break away from the monotonous solids!
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