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Common Fashion Faux Pas for Men

Common Fashion Faux Pas for Men

In a world of ever changing trends, we need to evolve too because it’s vital for everyone to dress the part and not make fashion mistakes that are hard to ignore. We will give a quick rundown of the common mistakes a young man needs to avoid in order to look his fine, dapper self and resonate with the Rici Melion man.

Matching Colors Incorrectly

You may be tempted to experiment with colors and be experimental but Rici Melion will tell you that it’s a risky road. Stick to simple and elegant color combinations so as not to come off as unnatural and forced because no one wants to look that way, right?

  1. Underestimating Importance of a Good Fit

A fit is something that makes or breaks your entire look. You may purchase the most up to date and stylish attire but if doesn’t compliment your frame, it won’t do you any good. Make sure your outfits are not too tight or too loose, the fit should be just right! At Rici Melion we have a varied set of fits that cater to all body types but if still nothing works, our bespoke tailoring service will suit you best!

  1. Over or Under Dressing

When dressing up for an occasion, make sure you’re aware of the expected dress code and you dress accordingly because you wouldn’t want to come off as over or under dressed. Proper dressing for an occasion reinstates your willingness to be there and it shouldn’t look like you’re forced to be somewhere.

  1. Not Tucking In your Dress Shirt

Believe us when we say this, an untucked dress shirt looks untidy and unkempt; after all dress shirts were designed to be tucked in, why shouldn’t we follow that? There may be some exceptions for casual button down shirts that are designed with a short tail to not be tucked in but otherwise you need to tuck in your shirts! Take notes from the Rici Melion man in the picture.

  1. Overdoing Accessories

Accessories are a good way to reinstate your personal style but make sure to do that in an understated way. Don’t use too many accessories as it will undermine your look rather than complimenting it. We don’t want to look like a walking trinket store, right?

Refer to the picture of the Rici Melion man to take notes on how to not overdo your accessories and look exceptionally classy!

Avoid the mentioned fashion mistakes to showcase the quality of your dressing and look your dapper self.

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