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Fashion by Global feat. Rici Melion

Fashion by Global feat. Rici Melion

It’s time to go big for Rici Melion as the designer label is ecstatic to reveal their engagement with America’s second largest fashion event production company, Fashion by events.  It has been a host to numerous fashion weeks and created a wonderous experience for the audience but in 2020 like all industries, fashion industry has also faced an excruciating challenge due to the corona virus. Pulling through the pandemic, Fashion by events have come up with a creative yet tech-savvy mode of bringing fashion to people at home through a virtual fashion show. Rici Melion is gratified to be a colossal part of it, partaking in Fashion by Global as a luxury designer brand, held on October 17, 2020, being the only designer luxury label taking part in the global virtual show. The fashion label aims to create an exotic ambience portraying an amalgamation of western formal wear and a classic winter wedding representing a grandeur color story of the twilight blues. As the brand is renowned for its skill of constructing products which exhibit novelty yet are ageless thus Rici Melion will be demonstrating a series of their optimum looks crafted and tailored with extreme admiration and tenderness as it is a necessity to go with the composition of the fashion show designed by the label.

Rici Melion will be showcasing their most celebrated range in the show, displaying an exotic and royal blend in their collection of formal wear ringing the wedding bells with an exemplary air.  As the brand is best known for its formal suiting and royal silhouettes, designed with sheer focus and constructed with masterly expertise, it will depict timeless looks inspired from distinctive Italian wedding looks amalgamated with 1990’s British tailoring, primed to the utmost perfection, evolved with the brand’s own unique style and trends. A Rici Melion man is portrayed as a mysterious yet polished gentleman layered with expertly fashioned suiting and accessorized with a blend of elegance and power. A Rici Melion woman is dressed in power and sheer confidence enlightening a monochromatic color story in the fashion show, embellished with fine expertise and fashioned in contemporary cuts, making the attire a timeless piece, representing the story behind Rici Melion. Stay tuned for fine tailor ship and befitting silhouettes along with bringing life to in an impeccable experience.


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