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How suits have made success globally? | Rici Melion

How suits have made success globally? | Rici Melion

Suits are considered to be the epitome of formal wear with their fitted look and crisp designs. With a variety of 2-piece and 3-piece suiting options, mostly found in solid monotone colors, they are extremely versatile and ideal for a variety of occasions, from funerals to job interviews to weddings.

Suits are seen to be worn all across the world, regardless of where you are from, suits are globally acclaimed as being the most formal attire for men. What makes a suit so globally successful? Let’s find out!

Origin of suits

The suit’s heritage is a long and resilient one. It has seen a variety of changes in regards to fabric, style and manufacturing methods. Through it all, it has retained its place in a gentlemen’s wardrobes.

The precise origination of suits is unclear. In Europe, between the 15th and 18th century, fashion developed different pieces and versions of what would eventually become the 2-piece standard suit, which has remained functionally unchanged to this day. During this time, suits were expensive as they were tailor-made and only affordable to the bourgeoise, nobles and elite class. In Britain and France, suits were also a symbol of class and as a part of the proletariat revolution, the working class also began to wear suits, normalizing them further. The style quickly spread to America, and climate differences lead to venturing into different fabric options.

origin of suits at rici melion

The rise of capitalism also played a role in the adoption of suits, placing workers and their employers in the same clothing. Some countries, such as Japan and Russia, willingly adopted the suit as a part of their modernization efforts. The spread of suits also spread through a variety of ways, starting with travel and trade and then to outsourcing production. In the subcontinent, suits became commonly seen during the time of the British rule and served as a symbol of the elite and educated.

How to Style a Suit

Suits come in various forms, from a simple Blazer and Pants to double breasted blazers and 3-piece suits that include a waistcoat. Suits are preferred to be slim fitted as it accentuates one’s figure and gives a neater appearance but they can also be regular fit when going for a slightly less formal outfit.

Suits can be dressed up, with additional elements like cufflinks, lapel pins and pocket squares. Suit blazers can also be worn with simple jeans and a t shirt for a more semi-formal look. We can say with confidence that a suit is versatile and fit for all occasions. Weather or not your workplace has a dress code, a suit or simple blazer can elevate your ensemble and make you look like you mean business.

How to style a suit

Suits, in comparison to blazers are usually found to be in monotone, solid colors. The blazer and pants of a suit are usually made of the same material and color and can be paired with a variety of different formal shirts. Ties can match the colors of your suit, with textures and patterns that bring life to the outfit. Accessories such as a classy watch and pointed-tip shoes also bring out the formal element that pairs beautifully with the suit. 

Suits are Genderless

Suits are not just limited to men. A growing trend of women wearing suits has been seen all across the world and are even frequently being seen worn by celebrities at big events such as the Oscars and Grammys.  The same rules of monotone solid colors are incorporated into women’s pant suits but the color options have expanded greatly and include the standard black and white colors as well as pastel shades and rich, vibrant shades as well.

Woman’s suits are extremely versatile when it comes to putting together an outfit. They can be paired with a simple dress shirt; a plain or ruffled blouse and blazers can be worn with skirts and even midi-dresses. Woman’s suit blazers also come in a variety of styles, they can be oversized and cinched at the waist with a matching belt, it can be cropped and paired with high-waisted dress pants that will elongate the body and give the wearer a taller appearance or it can be sleeveless and paired with a similar, sleeveless shirt underneath.

The ways in which a suit can be styled is endless. Men and women can both spruce up their wardrobes and enjoy dressing formal as well as casual with a simple suit and blazer. The success of suits on a global level comes as no surprise as it has become the go to attire for lawyers, CEOs and really, anyone. Investing in a good suit can open up a large variety of dressing options for an individual and gives you the option to mix and match your blazers and pants to create a variety of different looks. So whatever the occasion may be, a suit will never let you down.

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