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Men Luxury Western Suit | 3 Piece Pant Coat for Men | RICIMELION

Men Luxury Western Suit | 3 Piece Pant Coat for Men | RICIMELION

Your 3 Piece Suit Game Changer for Events

Rici Melion’s Pant Coat Fundamentals

As Ray Congdon once quoted "anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly at first”, telling us even if our three piece suit game was poor, we can always do it well. In order to do anything well we must understand its fundamentals such as what constitutes making a 3 piece suit look the finest three piece suit for men that no other pant coat would stand comparison to. For starters, any coat pant for men must be built on the right color choice, for instance a black coat pant or blue coat pant is an extremely safe and wise 3 piece for men choice. Secondly, the fitting pattern you choose, as a coat pant for men would be on a slim or regular fit pattern whereas a coat pant for boys would be on a skinnier fit construct.

3 Piece Pant Coat for Men

Moreover, the 3 piece coat pant fabric choice is an obvious make or break characteristic and gravely depends on the coat pant price range you have in mind. In addition to this, the coat pent can be made into a three piece dress or a two piece coat pant suit where the pent coat would exist without a waistcoat. With your fundamentals of the basics that matter for a 3 piece coat or even a coat pant suit; your choice of color can be as versatile as a green coat pant but we would recommend that only if your new coat pant is not your wardrobe’s first 3 piece suit, where you should stick to the staple black coat pant or blue coat pant.

The Colors Perfect for a 3 Piece Suit Wedding Attire

A black 3 piece suit, grey 3 piece suit and blue 3 piece suit would be the most favored choice by any 3 piece suit wedding groom’s choice. In most of Rici Melion’s latest coat pant offerings, you will find these colors with the addition of other colors like a royal blue coat pant or in summers a sky blue coat pant or white coat pant. The most important question that is answered for our patrons by our stylists is what color would make their body type, skin tone and persona look best in; alongside complementing their bride’s attire. Boys 3 piece suit options are usually of a more stylish coat pant outlook and on the bolder side of the color palette such as a royal blue coat pant or a white coat pant is chosen.

3 Piece Pant Coat for Groom

Since inception, our most demanded black three piece suit is not only a prime choice for weddings but also of our affluent lawyers that choose to wear the finest luxury, Rici Melion. When choosing your wedding coat pant, the coat pant shoes cannot go wrong, hence we also offer the highest grade pure leather coat pant shoes range online and in store. As a matter of fact both our retail and online stores have added our all new three piece suit for men range, with all the essential colors like our staple blue three piece suit and grey three piece suit is offered in addition to our limited edition designer coat pant range. 

Choose Only the Best Coat Pant

Since we at Rici Melion believe in only providing the best, the best coat pant is a natural outcome, be it our 3 piece suit for women, dulha coat pant or boys three piece suit. For instance, our navy blue 3 piece suit is a versatile and naturally enhancing color which would definitely be topping our best coat pant range in our ladies coat pant range of 3 piece suit for women. Other colors do weigh in competition when our patrons and stylist consultations have options such as a brown coat pant, maroon coat pant and royal blue 3 piece suit. The choices like brown coat pant and maroon coat pant is one that is also chosen in our coat pant for girls attires.

Pant Coat for Men

Boy’s three piece suit preferences would be more towards colors like a green 3 piece suit opposed to a dark blue coat pant, even though a dark blue coat pant is probably one color that would make any and everybody look their best. When pairing up a three piece coat for a dulha coat pant would only be done right if matched with the right pair of Rici Melion pant coat shoes. 

Lastly But Most Importantly; The Best Three Piece Suit For Groom

Like we always say, any attire for a groom deserves the most precision and you have no room to go wrong, after all who would want to wear a coat pant for groom that looks bad? You guessed right, no one would and to ensure the best 3 piece suit is the only three piece suit for groom option you go for, we at Rici Melion personally ensure to go through all the important shades from our super fine navy blue three piece suit, brown 3 piece suit to even our bolder maroon 3 piece suit, so when you choose you know you explored all your coat pant for groom options. Some colors like a green pant coat or maroon pant coat would be less likely chosen for the three piece suit for groom compared to a gray pant coat or navy blue three piece suit that always makes its way to looking chic, classy and a timeless choice as a three piece suit for groom. 

Pant Coat for Men

Discover the best 3 piece suit, with the expertise of our online stylists available on chat, WhatsApp and video call with the added benefit of cash on delivery services provided all over Pakistan when shopping at 


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