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Rici Melion Online Blazer for Men | Casual Coat Shopping in Pakistan

Rici Melion Online Blazer for Men | Casual Coat Shopping in Pakistan

Follow the trends with Rici Melion’s chic Blazers

Rici Melion blazer for men with its expert tailoring and designs curated by skilled artisans make sure that the wishes of our patrons become a reality by providing exquisite blazer for men and blazer for boys. We serve you at every stage to provide you a craft that is exceedingly rich in being, fine in taste, inimitable in manner.  At Rici Melion, if you want the perfect coat for men or a casual blazer for men for a special occasion then it will take time, patience and numerous appointments before both our tailor and valued patron are completely satisfied. To curate the best designer men’s coats, Rici Melion takes all important aspects of construction into consideration.

From the initial consultation to the delivery of the finished blazer, each appointment at Rici Melion will showcase the blazer progress from one key stage of construction to another. The first fitting will usually take place just a few days after your initial consultation with our skilled stylists. By this point, the tailor will have merged together the bare bones of the blazer with a white basting thread. This first fitting, which isn’t necessarily required for our regular clients as their sizes are already in Rici Melion’s data base of blazer for men wedding, will ensure that the customer’s measurements have been taken accurately and the blazer sits perfectly on the wearers body.

Once any necessary fundamental structural amendments have been made and these changes have been noted on the paper pattern, the first fitting is over and outerwear for men will be taken further. You can shop Rici Melion blazers at discounted rates at their men’s coats sale.

Best Rated Blazers for Men in 2020

In our second fitting of best blazers for men. Incisions are made by the Master to examine the blazer. There can again be two or three of these before the blazer fits as it should whether it is a formal coat for men or a casual coat for men. This could involve going through the details and amending the seams, the sleeve length and the fit. During these fittings it becomes clear how close to finished the blazer is and the wearer gets an idea of how the finished one will look. The blazer will have pockets, lapel facings and an inner lining at this point. A blazer is basically a kind of coat that resembles a suit jacket but a blazer is cut more casually.

A summer blazer is generally differentiated from a sport jackets as a relatively more formal attire and usually tailored and constructed from solid color fabrics. Blazers usually incorporate naval style steel or metal buttons and in Rici Melion’s case, the signature brass buttons to reflect their exquisiteness and class even if they are considered less formal. A black coat for men is the one demanded by majority and Rici Melion is known to provide stylish blazer for men. Blazer online shopping can be done easily and quite effortlessly of Rici Melion summer coat men’s by shopping directly from their website. They provide cash on delivery option for all orders so it makes the shopping experience much easier.

Rici Melion Designer Blazer for Men in Pakistan 

In the third and final fitting the structure and construct, paired with the fit of the best casual blazer are both perfect and Rici Melion designer blazer men’s is curated. All that is remaining to be finished at this point are the final touched – that essentially are sewing the buttonholes, buttons, Rici Melion has signature style buttonholes, any extra hand stitching that is required and lastly ironing the blazer to make it completely ready for wear and quality checking of it to make sure that the ready blazer is of superior quality with no issues.

The entire process & the number of meetings with our valued patron for men’s fashion coats may vary for the online order or as per the demand of our patron. We take the satisfaction of our customers who order online as our utmost priority. If there is any change required we will bear the cost of the return courier and return it back to our clients after making the required changes so that the blazer coat for men’s that reaches are patron is perfect. Shop for men’s designer coats sale at Rici Melion’s official website and the blazer for man price can all be found listed there. In all of the brands, Rici Melion is the best men’s coat brands and a maroon coat men’s or a mustard blazers men can all be found at Rici Melion.

Rici Melion Smart Casual Blazer for Men

With Rici Melion unique blazers men’s exude a smooth, stylishly fresh look in a most comfortable way and experience luxury in the smart casual blazer men’s and smart casual blazer men’s. Our luxurious blazer collection of blazer for wedding party, party coat for men’s or official blazer for men’s will ensure that your evenings are graceful and sophisticated. All the blazers at Rici Melion are crafted with a thoughtful construction and craftsmanship and the gents blazer price and blazer for boy’s price can be seen on Rici Melion’s official website.

Buy men’s blazer from Rici Melion’s collection of Cotton blended tropical suiting fabric for a blazer is medium weight, robust and durable. Fabricated with utmost precision these blazers are of different fabrics and can be colorful blazers men’s including a corduroy blazer fabric is perfect for creating a trend this season. Get ready to redefine the word attraction in a Rici Melion blazer collection, produced to perfection.


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