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Wedding Prince Suit for Groom | Prince Coat for Men | RICIMELION

Wedding Prince Suit for Groom | Prince Coat for Men | RICIMELION

Looking for the best wedding suits for groom? Look no further!

Your one stop men’s wedding suit dream come true

As Rici Melion prides in making the best wedding suits for groom from a wedding coat or prince coat to any and every men’s wedding suit one could desire. Having excelled in making the prince coat so well-tailored that anyone who sees our finely adorned prince suit falls in awe of our finesse and detailing that each prince suit for groom has. Wedding suits for groom are by no way something one can take a chance with, because one wants to make sure he has the best wedding suits for groom choices and Rici Melion understands and delivers that better than anyone else.

Wedding suits for groom

A suit for groom is always made at our manufacturing facility with extra care; whether it’s the extra fine hand hemming that goes onto our men’s wedding suit or the richly detailed and minutely inspected embellishments that are used on our prince suit. People tend to wear a Rici Melion wedding coat that makes them feel confident, being dressed in a suit for groom that makes them stand out. In order to fulfill this unquenched desire of uniqueness and elegance perfectly balanced in wedding suits for groom, Rici Melion has dedicated an entire team of highly skilled craftsman and craftswoman to ensure only the best wedding suits for groom are produced.

Is a prince suit for wedding or a 3 piece suit for groom the right choice?

Truth be told, a prince suit for wedding is an excellent choice for most weddings days other than the reception and the 3 piece suit for groom is the most favored choice for the “Valima” function. Let's start off with the prince coat for groom where we have outnumbered options of how to pair it up or down, from a prince coat with kurta to a prince coat with shalwar kameez. A prince coat with kurta is a great choice when you have a more fun and energetic environment such as a musical night, whereas a prince coat with shalwar kameez is a much liked choice for a nikkah event.

prince suit for wedding

Your prince coat for wedding can also be made into a more formal attire by making it into a prince suit for wedding, where the most demanded color choice at the House of Rici Melion is our signature prince suit black range. The three piece suit for groom is different from the prince coat for groom, with multiple key aspects, such as the 3 piece suit for groom being more formal, more structured and most importantly has a more sophisticated outlook. Something that is very important to understand is that there is no prince coat sherwani, as you either go for a prince coat for wedding or a sherwani, never a prince coat sherwani as that simply doesn’t exist. Many groom’s family members opt for a prince coat shalwar kameez or shalwar kameez with prince coat look, since it's timeless, royal and relatively comfortable to wear throughout a wedding. 

The Right Mehndi Suit for Groom

At the top of Rici Melion’s choices for mehndi suit for groom would be a prince coat with kurta shalwar for its unprecedented apt outlook for the occasion. A prince coat for men does not have to be restricted to the mehndi suit for groom but can also be a prince coat for barat and would look unbelievably royal. Again, keeping in mind that the prince coat with shalwar kameez for wedding is a wedding prince coat that can be worn on several occasions as long as the groom prince coat is made in accordance to the festivity.

groom prince coat

The groom 3 piece wedding suit is one that is thoroughly studied at our design house, hence our highly acclaimed Rici Melion prince coat be it our royal blue prince coat or navy blue prince coat makes the wearer feel as divine royalty to say the least. Some people mistake a sherwani as being a long prince coat, yes it may look like a long prince coat but it’s not a prince coat for men rather a sherwani. With the shalwar kameez prince coat being so highly demanded by our patrons, we have incorporated the Pakistani prince coat heritage with our modern technologically advanced pattern making to produce a prince coat wedding range that is truly above all. Some people tend to choose a prince coat with pent for elegance and others choose a printed prince coat to add some flamboyance to the prince coat wedding choice. The greatest aspect is that whatever your mehndi suit for groom may be, Rici Melion’s online store offers cash on delivery all over Pakistan. 

Choose Only the Best Dresses for Groom

Yes, we’re finally at where we started, and there's no doubt we want you to wear the best dresses for groom whether it’s a groom prince suit or our signature designer prince coat; Rici Melion’s stylists will make sure to provide you only the best dresses for groom. The complete attire prince coat price range depends on the fabric, design and embellishment choices one opts for in their men prince coat.

best dresses for groom

A common preference when desiring a royal prince coat is our hot selling golden prince coat and is usually paired as kurta with prince coat that fulfills all the right wedding suit ideas for men in one complete look. The prince coat navy blue color is a perfect dulha prince coat that is not only the best prince coat but also is a prince coat online option available on our global website. Our Rici Melion prince coat price range is one that can be catered in every budget, for instance our latest prince coat collection has a starting range that is extremely affordable whereas some of our limited edition dulha prince coat options are at an upper price bracket. To conclude, the best dresses for groom are all available on our online store. 

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