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Wedding Waistcoat for Men | Online Shopping Pakistan | RICIMELION

Wedding Waistcoat for Men | Online Shopping Pakistan | RICIMELION

Stylize your Waistcoats with utmost Panache

An extremely versatile piece of clothing, waistcoat for men showcase understated elegance and can effortlessly be dressed up or down according to the situation. Waistcoats have the ability to instantly uplift the entire look with their subdued and subtle presence. A staple for every man’s wardrobe, there are many variations that can be seen in waistcoats in recent years. Boy’s waistcoat and kid’s waistcoat have also been on the rise as more young boys are dressed up in waistcoats on events like Mehndi on a wedding. Incorporating the most premium and finest materials and exquisite embellishments of various techniques, expertly cut from novel differing cloths in a variety of colors, waistcoat for wedding are very popular in recent years.

waistcoat for wedding, waistcoat for Men

Colors can range from being vibrant to neutral and subtle tones that include a black waistcoat, grey waistcoat, blue waistcoat, brown waistcoat, red waistcoat, white waistcoat, navy blue waistcoat, maroon waistcoat and a royal blue waistcoat. Waistcoats that are incredibly bright in color and exquisitely embellished are usually adorned on a Mehndi event and the vibrancy of the waistcoat makes it the centerpiece of the groom’s attire.  There are several variations that a groom can choose from, like a waistcoat suit or a waistcoat with kurta. All variations of Pakistani waistcoat and western waistcoats are available at the finest designer label, Rici Melion.

Pakistani waistcoats for Men in 2020

Men’s fashion has evolved and with it so has the fashion revolving around men’s Pakistani waistcoats especially groom waistcoats. A lot of variations and novel trends can be seen incorporated in waistcoats in recent times but the generic waistcoat even now has not lost its importance. Single breasted waistcoats are the most popular ones but double breasted waistcoats are chosen by many too. A classic black suit with waistcoat or a boski suit with waistcoat is a vital piece of clothing to have in a man’s wardrobe and stands the test of time as it doesn’t go out of fashion and can be worn every year without remorse.

groom waistcoats

These basic colored waistcoats look best paired with a solid colored kurta. An apt waistcoat should closely fit to the body of the wearer and should prove to be comfortable enough to easily move around. Rici Melion’s stylish waistcoat for men’s are cut to be made exactly to perfectly fit you and the expert tailoring  makes sure that the accurate fit of the embroidered waistcoat for groom proves to be a head turner element of your overall look. Rici Melion also offers countless waistcoat color variations to choose from that include a black kurta with waistcoat, black suit grey waistcoat, white kurta with waistcoat, black wasket, blue wasket, white suit with wasket or a waistcoat with black kurta among many others. Rici Melion’s entire range of kurta shalwar with waistcoat and kurta with waistcoat for men’s is available on the category of waistcoat online. All kinds of waistcoats are available that include Sindhi waistcoat as well and wasket price are updated on the website. A mehndi waistcoat is very popular so a kurta and waistcoat paired with the right accessories can make a huge difference.

Fancy Waistcoats for Events Wearing 

Make a style statement on your special day in a breathtaking Rici Melion awami waistcoat for mehndi that is exquisitely adorned with premium materials and novel embellishment techniques to make you stand out and effortlessly make a statement. You will be definitely spoilt for choice at Rici Melion for fancy waistcoat where there is a wide variety available to choose from. You can customize everything of your outfit according to your own preferences, be it the design, the silhouette, the color, the embellishments, all choices you can make yourself when getting a bespoke Rici Melion best waistcoat made.

Best groom waistcoats

If at any point you feel confused on what will look best on you, the trained Rici Melion stylists will take over and make sure what you choose is what will look best on you according to your body structure and personal preferences the best waistcoat men’s fashion. Rici Melion believes in always satisfying our patrons as their satisfaction is of utmost importance. If you are looking for a branded waistcoat and a perfect waistcoat suit men’s, there is no better place than Rici Melion to get it from. Our patrons can choose from variations like a blue suit grey waistcoat, check waistcoat, gray waistcoat, blue suit with waistcoat, blue waistcoat with kurta, blue kurta with waistcoat, black kurta shalwar with waistcoat, blue waistcoat with white kurta or a prince waistcoat.

Embroidered Waistcoats for Casual Use

The designer waistcoat collection at Rici Melion incorporates clean cuts, expert tailoring and above par excellence embellished and embroidered waistcoat men’s in a rich and modern color palette that spells out luxury and finesse fusing traditional aesthetics with a globalized look. Impeccable tailoring and construction paired with intricate embellishments creates exemplary waistcoat collection that is just apt for the dapper contemporary man who wishes to make a statement in everything he adorns.


Apart from formal waistcoat collection, Rici Melion also has a casual waistcoat collection that include neutral tone waistcoats with little to no embellishments that can prove to be a smart casual attire option. Variations for these include a waistcoat on black kurta, green kurta with waistcoat, brown kurta with waistcoat, jamawar wasket or a waistcoat with blue kurta. The wasket for men’s are a vital piece of clothing to have in a man’s wardrobe and waistcoat online shopping in Pakistan can be done on Rici Melion’s official website.


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