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“Forget the Time, Just make sure its Fine”

“Forget the Time, Just make sure its Fine”

Yes, thats what the entire Rici Melion’s manufacturing facility has heard, believed, focused on, and most importantly lives on. Truth be told, every design house, brand, company and organization for that matter that is not a non-profit body, ultimately does prioritize costs, naturally to bare better profits. Rici Melion is no different, but with the exception of one strong and proudly defining characteristic which is to prioritize being true to its brand mantra “The Finest Luxury” and hence devoting relentless hours to products which could be made in a third’s time to say the least. 

When we talk about manufacturing, any professional who is familiar with the industry norms or has been an industrial engineer would know that everything boils down to one thing, which is time (commonly referred to as “SMV” standard minute value) which is the building block to manufacturing cost controls. However, Rici Melion has consciously not prioritized that, as having the understanding that the best quality doesn't come “cheap”, to say the least, doesn't come by cutting corners, or cutting manufacturing costs. 

Well enough of the basics, and your daily dose of fashion education from Rici Melion turning them to industrial engineering classes; lets try to educate ourselves on how exactly the extra time, gives the extra quality:

Seams; flow your jacket streams!

Yes, every seam is a beautiful stream to finesse; that means the more carefully your jacket seams are sewn, the more dedicatedly are the fabric lengths equivalently joined, the more meticulously are the masters cutting patterns followed, and naturally and unquestionably, the more precisely well will your jacket come together.

Armholes, are black holes!

Yes, ever felt like something was a dark hole, with no understanding its depth? Well, only the best, most trained, and finest tailors in the world would understand the true depth that goes into joining a garments armhole. Rici Melion has not only given paramount time to the process, but has actually invested twice as more time in training and educating its seamsters on how to do it best, from making the entire armhole with semi-finished white thread, and then ensuring the right amount of pucker in the sleeve cap for the perfect finish and mobility to understanding the tolerance balance between the fabric and the inner lining.

Your collar is not made in a dollar!

Collar attachments in most if not all manufacturers, particularly those that outsource to China, seem to take it as a “simple operation” however only true Italian SuMisura makers like Rici Melion can never boil down the art, the strength point and an immensely important part to a fine garment’s coming together with a mere operation. Rather, from using a zig zag (cross stitched) base standard, and our own plant semi-fabric infused collar felt using our “zemiur” finish, that allows for the most comfortable yet well structured collar not only makes our patrons fall in love the neck placement of our jackets, but also has been a signature of our fine tailoring. 

Surgeon cuffs, not so rough!

For God’s sake, YES, God’s sake, understand the fact that whether its ready to wear or bespoke; if you are selling a high end designer label or hefty price tagged attire, do not be so rough and carelessly cheap (apologies for the bluntness) by having non-surgical cuffs. “Its disrespectful” says our creative director (Noaman Zakir). Rici Melion actually goes a further length in their “Limited Edition” line, with their own customized machinery advancements with a signature pattern of their own, making their suits stand apart and not so original replica “designers” a step well behind! 

Well, to say the least, Rici Melion is not the Finest Luxury for no reason, and apart from a plethora other aspects apart from time dedication, your biggest take away here is that nothing great comes by coincidence, and more importantly actions speak louder than words; keeping manufacturing under the house of Rici Melion’s own roof despite most others outsourcing to china and cheaper resorts alike, is not of essence when quality is of the only true essence!
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