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How Rici Melion’s nailed the experiential aspect?

How Rici Melion’s nailed the experiential aspect?

Instant gratification? Yes! That’s what today’s generation craves, lives on and believes in. Authentication? That’s what any person of true substance and class is well versed with being a base attribute. You see, that’s where the finest luxury designer label, Rici Melion came in! They gave the most perfected amalgamation of both worlds.

First and foremost, let's start off with the primary aspect, being instant gratification revolving around making one feel instantly great, about not one aspect, almost every if not all. Well, you walk into a Rici Melion boutique you'll be welcomed like royalty, shown with the expertise that is unparalleled and you’ll be under a roof that is hand touched from the signature wall paintings to the hand finished polished interior. 

Moreover, our exclusive in house bar and trained barista operating one of the world’s best Italian coffee machines with our on the house complete snacks menu is handed over to your royalty. The best part of it all is that this is not the instant gratification yet, that’s when you put on an attire, take our patrons words and what speaks more than anything? Their body language is absolutely put into perfection, the way our fine products feel, the finishing, the fabrics, and above all the absolutely exclusively brilliantly cut pattern makes anyone fall in love with us. 

Coming onto something we hold high regard for, authenticity. “Whatever you do, do it right, or just don’t” “There’s no half way, no half hearted approaches and definitely no room for anything short of the best” these are some of the most common beliefs Rici Melion has always lived by, practiced and grown with. So when we talk about our products, when we use the highest quality raw materials, whether its choosing a heritage mill in Biella, Italy or the non financially smart choice of sticking to our roots, keeping manufacturing under our own umbrella, paying huge sums of overheads just to ensure the quality mark and finesse is met; is just the starting point to what lengths we go to, with the only agenda being, to “give our best, and nothing less”.


Luckily, giving the best has really given us the best, whether its from the tremendous response from fashion connoisseurs sitting front row at our fashion shows, our esteemed patrons from around the globe or our very own loyal Rici Melion family, each and everyone has also given us the best!
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