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How to dress up if you are ‘Skinny’

How to dress up if you are ‘Skinny’

When it comes to building a wardrobe, we know the dilemma of a skinny person and with Rici Melion’s style tips, you will be able to rock clothes that accentuate your frame and structure.

Crew Necks, not V-Necks

When it comes to shirts, our advice would be to lean more on crew necks as they give the appearance of squared shoulders and complement a narrower frame. You would want to avoid V-necks as they will make your frame appear even slimmer. Check out the crew necks collection at

Wear Well-Fitted Clothes

You would be wrong to think that wearing baggier clothes will hide your slim frame when in actuality it will only make it seem as if you’re wearing borrowed clothes. Well-fitted clothes like suits matching your build should be your priority as they will give more structure to your overall frame.

Don’t Underestimate Layering Up

Layering is not about wearing too many clothes at once in the hopes of looking broader and bigger but it has everything to do with blending your outfit naturally together without making it seem like you are trying too hard.

Super Skinny Jeans are a No for You

Like we said, wear well fitted clothes but not super skinny ones as they will just emphasize on your smaller frame. Focus more on wearing normal or slim fitting jeans and you can also give chinos a try. You can find premium quality chinos and denims at Rici Melion.

Vertical Stripes are Another No for You

If you want to wear lines, make sure you go for horizontal ones because vertical lines will only focus on you being thin as it gives a very streamlined look. You should move away from bold prints as they will only empower your outfit.

Match Accessories to your Size

Given your body type, you should be careful when choosing accessories. Always wear accessories that complement your slim build that are sleek looking and classics.

To sum it all, we would say that play to the strengths of your slim build and with the right styling choices, you will be able to look toned and well-shaped and resemble the apt RicI Melion man. Perfect, isn’t it?

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