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Only One? Not Enough!

Only One? Not Enough!

You may be wondering what we are talking about. We always discuss wardrobe essentials, basic clothing pieces that are vital for a wardrobe to be complete, but do we ever talk about those items that we need multiple pieces of? No, we don’t. But don’t worry, with this article we will walk you through all the items that require multiple pieces as only one is not enough.

Five Crisp White/Grey T-Shirts

The staple white/grey t-shirt, a classic that never goes out of style, is versatile and a vital piece that you can wear any day of the year. So having just one won’t do you any good. Now, we don’t want to wear out our favorite white t-shirt, do we? Shop yours at

Two pairs of Dark Denims and One Light Denim

Denims that never go out of style? Dark wash denims! Perfect for dressing up or down, denims in an ultimate dark rinse will be your go to for every season and every body shape and you can find the perfect ones at Rici Melion. You also need a light wash denim to be able to keep switching between your dark denim and to give a fresh look to your wardrobe.

Shop at

Five Formal and Three Casual Button down Shirts

Now you have two options in button down shirts; casual and formal. Having both of these are essential for a man to have in his wardrobe. The button-down shirt always strikes a balance between looking refined and polished, just like the ones at Rici Melion do. Shop at

Three Versatile Trousers

A man needs to have the right trousers. What good will be all those shirts when they can’t be matched with perfectly complimenting trousers? Exactly, no good. Fulfill a smart casual dress code with the right chinos in your collection that can even be worn to work! But it's very important to choose the best trousers for your body type and make sure they fit.

Two Jackets

Every man should have at least two jackets that can be a blazer or a sports jacket. Always make sure to keep one jacket that is bold and more out there and one should be clean and crisp so that you can dress them up or down, according to the occasion.

Four pairs of Footwear

Every man needs at least two pairs of casual shoes, one pair of dress shoes, and one pair of boots.

For casual wear, you can get sneakers to wear with smart outfits but the sole should look thin and delicate rather than chunky. Or if you want to go a little bit smarter still, get something in a classic dress shoe design but a more casual fabric like suede. If you don't dress up much, a casual loafer is a great option. If you wear a suit sometimes, you want a dress shoe that's going to work with your suits. Double monks are a stylish option that stands out. If you’re looking of premium leather footwear, Rici Melion is your best bet!


Now you have it, a definite list of wardrobe essentials that you need multiple pieces of!

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