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RTW 3 piece suits

RTW 3 piece suits

Rici Melion has brought change in the traditional idea of suits designs, be it two piece or three piece suits, the variety of fabrics and designs has been a renaissance of the Italian creativity. This is what makes our patrons feel more confident & bold in our luxurious and perfectly fitted suits. With the three piece suit collection, Rici Melion aims to make its patrons to be the finest dressed man at any event. With the ready to wear three piece suits collection you are guaranteed to look and feel your best regardless of whether you’re at work, or celebrating any special occasion.

The craft of three piece at Rici Melion is an epitome of class, innovation and timelessness. The traditional Italian style of suiting has been redefined into modern, innovative and breath-taking designs with an immaculate and a fine construction. It allows our patrons to indulge in the practice of exclusive service of being a modern man.

Each three piece suit is guaranteed to give you an everlasting charm and class. From weekdays at the office to formal events at the weekend, you will feel like a true fine man who stands out from the masses. There are various essentials for style in the 3 piece suits that include notch lapels, shawl lapels and peak lapels along with the variety of double, triple or single button fastening. These three piece suits are available in different colors and cut choices in single-breasted or double breasted, with the option of bone or flap pockets.

These ready to wear three piece suits comprise of a waistcoat that is constructed with the utmost precision & comes in a variety of different designs in V or U shape with a W bottom and an adjustable back buckle. Each design is created with innovation and each waistcoat (double breasted or single breasted) complements the suit to make it a perfect whole. From the inner lining to the fine buttonholes, our elements of fine construction are unparalleled.

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