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Ready to wear 2 piece suits collection by Rici Melion

Ready to wear 2 piece suits collection by Rici Melion

Rici Melion, a global designer label, has created a new era of deluxe suits that allows men to fulfill their need to personify their personality. Rici Melion with a vast experience in suiting has catered to all fashion needs as demonstrated by the opulent couture houses of Milan. It has been made sure that the Italian craftsmanship is exhibited in each design and cut by Rici Melion. Such exemplary work of art has been made exclusively available to the patrons of Rici Melion.

Every two piece suit at Rici Melion is a work of art for its customers and the construction of each two piece suit is executed with the utmost precision. From its inception till date the goal of Rici Melion has been to create the Finest and highest quality suits with the most luxurious fabrics. The exquisite design and styling of these two piece suits is done in a way that it allows our patrons to truly represent themselves.

The ready to wear two piece suits by Rici Melion are cut perfectly in slim fit and has been made into a timeless 2 piece staple that every man needs in his wardrobe. There are various essentials for style that include notch lapels, shawl lapels and peak lapels along with the variety of double, triple or single button fastening. These two piece suits are available in different colors and cut choices in single-breasted or double breasted, with the option of bone or flap pockets. The entire two piece suit collection at Rici Melion is suitable for any occasion from weddings to everyday work-wear. A perfect fit and an immaculate Italian lapel roll has been created which makes these two piece suits an epitome of elements with fine construction.

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