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Shoes Exclusively for the Fine Rici Melion-aires

Shoes Exclusively for the Fine Rici Melion-aires

Well there’s no doubt Rici Melion likes to stress on the basics most of the time – the white dress shirt, the navy suit, and the black oxford shoe.

Gentlemen, we’re setting the finery rule book aside for a moment. Today’s about something different.

We’re going to talk about what you should look at once you've bought the black Oxfords. Custom made men's shoes that are going to get you jealous looks.

We’re going to talk about quality dress shoe styles that will command attention.

Hand-Painted Oxford Brogues

Comfortable with your plain brown shoes?

We all recognize the classic Oxford brogue and its origins – the shoe shape coming from rebellious Oxford University students anxious to ditch boots in the 19th century, the brogues from Scots who needed to get through bogs with breathable footwear.

It’s time to take it up a notch. Hand-painted brogues yield a uniquely rugged finish. These custom made men's shoes will serve the artistically-inclined among you well.

Their outward aggression is tempered by their adherence to what makes a classic oxford great. The brogue-ing and silhouette are unchanged.

It’s a great way to step out of your comfort zone without taking a leap.

Double Monk Strap Dress Boots

These shoes go back to the 15th century when monks sought a way to make their daily toils a bit easier. The monk strap was the result. Though they started with a single buckle, double monk straps are common in modern iterations.

What happens when you combine monk straps with dress boots?

The result isn’t the Frankenstein of shoes as you’d imagine, but something astonishing that leaves most other shoes in the dust.

These monk strap boots make for a robust counterpart to the finer elegance often associated with the classic variant.

Want to go crazy? Try a brightly-colored suede such as green on these custom made men's shoes.

The '48 By Rhett Butler

We’re going back to the old-school Oxford silhouette with these, but that doesn’t make them boring by any means.

These double monk strap leather dress shoes sport a two-toned look in brown and green, and with full broguing to boot.

The design skillfully blends three separate features of casual-wear without being ostentatious. In fact, it’s flattering – loud enough to command the attention of a room, but subtle enough to wear anywhere (outside of the office of course).

The '48 By Holden Caufield

Most guys are familiar with the classic Chelsea boot. This beauty began as a 19th-century British riding boot. The signature elastic band served to make it easy to slip on. Since then, it's evolved into a casual Rici Melion menswear staple.

This brilliant design takes the classic Chelsea boot to the next level. It’s no wonder our patrons always end up ordering a second pair!

They come in black leather for a more formal look but are accented beautifully by bright green on the elastic strips on the sides and yellow lining. Full broguing is the cherry on the cake on these custom made men's shoes.

Need to let everyone know you want to push the envelope on elegance? Look no further, the finest designer label, the most customizable manufacturers and acclaimed quality centric Rici Melion has you covered.
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