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Shopping Sustainably

Shopping Sustainably

As more and more people, especially young, become aware of their consumption habits and the impact on the environment, there is a need to let our readers know how they can shop sustainably, in any budget. When you talk about sustainable fashion, the name of Rici Melion, the finest designer label, pops up instantly!

In this article, all points that can minimize your impact on our environment will be covered in regards to shopping for clothing:

Say No to Synthetic Fibers

When it comes to buying clothing, make sure you buy natural fibers that include wool, silk, linen and cotton among others and avoid synthetic fibers namely polyester, rayon, nylon etc. Synthetic fibers are derivatives of plastic and are not biodegradable in science terms, thus leaving a harmful impact on the environment. If you are looking for 100% natural fibers, Rici Melion is the right place where you can find an array of products, sourced from the most premier mills around the globe!

Purchase Timeless Designs

Focus on buying classic designs that are timeless and don’t have to be replaced instead of running after trends, that will just die down after you’ve worn your clothing item only once or twice. It is essential for the environment and the most sustainable thing that can be done by you. Discover classic timeless designs at Rici Melion and say yes to responsible shopping!

Purchase the Best Quality in your Budget

To make your purchases last longer, buy the best quality item that falls under your budget. Buying good quality items that are resilient and durable make them last for a long time instead of having to replace them by buying new ones frequently. The finest designer label, Rici Melion has just the right premium quality items that will not only last a long time but will also get better with age and make you look as graceful as ever!

Get the Right Size

Never buy clothing that is not the right size, even if you are getting it on a clearance sale as it will just be a waste. Know your size and buy according to that or purchase an item that has room for alterations in the future. With the help of Rici Melion personal stylists you can easily get the right size attires for yourself! 

By shopping from Rici Melion, there will be nothing stopping you from dressing fashionably while shopping in a responsible and sustainable way. With all these little changes, together we can make a great difference on the impact that we create on our environment!
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