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A Blazer Guide

A Blazer Guide

The blazer is a symbolic piece of menswear as well as a vital piece of any dapper man’s wardrobe. A blazer is essentially a standalone jacket worn with trousers of a contrasting color, fabric or pattern. It can be solid colored or have bold, vividly colored patterns or stripes. An array of exquisite blazers can be found at Rici Melion, the finest global designer label.

At Rici Melion, the following guide is followed in the construction of blazers to provide our patrons with accurate fit and tailoring.


The silhouette of a Rici Melion blazer can be defined by a regular or slim fit pattern or cut.

  1. Being a traditional cut, the regular fit blazer falls relaxed around the body. The chest, arms and waist are all looser and relaxed but that doesn’t mean the cut is boxy, it is still impeccably tailored to flatter your individual shape and size.
  2. On the other hand, the Rici Melion slim fit blazer as the name suggests has a narrow cut without much excess fabric, leading to a fitted and tighter fit that looks more modern and updated than regular fit suits to flatter the wearer’s body.


Rici Melion generally incorporates three types of lapels in its blazers, Notch, Peak and Shawl lapel.

  1. The notch is a traditional choice and is fairly self-explanatory. It is predominantly described by a concave notch where the fabric from the lapel meet the fabric from the collar.
  2. Peak lapels point upwards at the seam and are traditionally for formal attires. Rici Melion personally as a designer most often chooses peak lapels as it gives more structure and authority to the wearer.
  3. And lastly, the shawl collar is exactly like a shawl and has no peak or notch as it is a continuous fabric length running across. All these three types of lapels can be seen in Rici Melion blazers.


Two types of vents are constructed in a Rici Melion blazer, single and double vents.

  1. A single vent can be found at the backside of the blazer in the middle. It exposes the backside when the wearer places his hands in the trouser pockets.
  2. The double vents are two slits at the sides of the blazer to enhance flexibility and encourage more fluid movements. These vents provide the wearer with added shape and prevents the blazer from creasing.


There are a variety of pockets incorporated by Rici Melion in their blazers.

  1. A patch pocket is stitched like a patch on the blazer and is more suitable for casual blazers.
  2. A flap pocket is a hidden pocket with just a lap on the opening, they should be consistent with the size of the lapels.
  3. A slit pocket is another hidden pocket but the difference is that it has no flap on the opening, just a single slit that gives a slimmer look.
  4. A ticket pocket on a Rici Melion blazer is a small pocket that is just above the bone pocket and was originally used to store train tickets.


The button style and quantity on a Rici Melion blazer is an essential component in completing the look.

  1. One button is used generally on the formal blazers suited to lean men.
  2. Two button is considered one of the most classic looks in mens fashion. This button style suits all body types and makes the frame of a man look longer.
  3. A double breasted style of buttoning in Rici Melion blazers is more on the formal side. These blazers feature four, six or eight buttons in the front and peak lapels are a defining feature of these blazers as they help to accentuate the shoulders.

Now that you know the essential components of a blazer, discover your favorites at Rici Melion and dress to impress!

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