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All you need to know about Lanificio Rici Melion!

All you need to know about Lanificio Rici Melion!

In case you are wondering, Lanificio Rici Melion is a luxurious range of fine and exotic unstitched fabrics available in different categories. A single glance at them will make you want to acquire them for yourself. Yes, they are that captivating!

Rici Melion Lanificio unstitched fabrics range is available in one of the widest array of options offered by any designer label, with rich fabrics sourced from the finest mills around the globe (handpicked mills of Italy, UK, Turkey & China). You will find:

  • Countless fabric options in solids, checks, plaids, pinstripes, houndstooth, birdseye & twill
  • Fabric counts of super 100s to limited edition Su Pima cotton and rare Australian breed of as low as 12.5 micron fabric

We will give an overview of the categories, both western and eastern, available in Rici Melion’s Lanificio unstitched fabric range to provide a better understanding. Following are some of the available categories:


Looking to get a suit made but unsure of the right fabric? Rici Melion’s exquisite suiting fabric is a fine and luxurious fabric that is robust, durable and dry-cleanable. It is rigorous yet not stiff, making it versatile enough to be adorned with ease and confidence. Fine and exotic exquisite quality suiting fabrics, for all four seasons, are the essence of luxury with uniqueness that showcases expertly-crafted fibers, paying close attention to the length and fineness.


Fabricated with utmost precision, extremely luxurious blazer fabrics are crafted in superior quality worsted wools, silk linen blends and limited edition single cut lengths providing the most enriching texture and feel, whilst being comfortable to wear.


Flexible and durable, the Rici Melion waistcoat fabric is robust yet not brittle, to provide you the ultimate flare needed to make an impression and boast modernity. It is a brilliant choice for anyone looking to add flare to the outfit by adding a contrasting checkered or a complementing solid colored waistcoat under a solid suit. 

Formal Trouser

Fabricated to provide the ultimate flare, the versatile and luxurious trouser fabric has been constructed with utmost precision in a natural stretch technique for enhanced wearing comfort.

Prince Coats

Accentuating the appeal of the luxurious prince coat fabric constructed in excellent quality yarns, the impeccable fineness of the texture with the exquisite feel leaves the wearer definitely admiring it.

Awami Waistcoats

Need just the most exotic waist coat fabric? The fine and exotic Rici Melion awami waistcoat’s fabrics are intricately weaved in a phenomenal design with ace finishing that is bound to be admired by everyone. Rici Melion prides itself for dressing up people as prime as the Prime Minister to members of the parliament and acclaimed business tycoons, who would want to wear awami waistcoats in exclusive fabrics procured from exquisite mills.

Shalwar Kameez

The unmatched quality of Rici Melion’s luxurious shalwar kameez fabric distinguish it from the rest by being the finest fabrics ranging in cotton, linens, technological finished non creasable fabrics, among few highly acclaimed in the range, whilst being comfortable to wear with its breathable construct.

Kurta Trouser

Extremely luxurious kurta trouser fabric crafted with high contrast yarns to achieve an enchanting and rich tone that is light yet comfortable at the same time, making its immediate presence felt.


Intricately weaved, the ever-lasting elegance with the essence of the premium quality kurta fabric constructed in excellent quality yarn is just the kind of the piece that allows you to make an impression with minimum effort.

All of the categories are available on the Rici Melion official website. Your favorite articles are just a click away. Easy, isn’t it?

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