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Suit Tailoring Trends of 2020

Suit Tailoring Trends of 2020

Rici Melion, being the finest label, has since inception been known for being fine in taste, inimitable in manner and evolving with its own style and trends divergent to following any. The fashion radar of 2020 has its eye on suits and its tailoring trends this year and Rici Melion will be delighted to share them in this article. The suits in 2020 are less mainstream and more trendy, in order to encourage inclusion of those that have drifted far away from adorning suits, let alone possessing one in their wardrobe.

The following mentioned are the essential trends in tailoring that need to be looked out for when getting a suit in this year:

Double-Breasted Extravagance

For this trend, you will have to master the art of incorporating the right balance of smart casual and formal items in your look. The trend states that double breasted jackets have made a definite comeback with looser and more laid back silhouettes making them more wearable than before. These double breasted jackets are novel and add an elevated, luxe touch to the previously fitted ones.

Looking to get double breasted suit? No better place than Rici Melion to acquire it from, with its expert tailoring and premium materials!

Brown all the Rage

Brown is here to stay with shades like tan, caramel and chocolate being the trendiest ones. The brown color emphasizes on a laid back nature of suiting as it is known to be a less formal color, so you are able to effortlessly dress it up or dress it down to ace your look.

Get the most exquisite variety of brown suits at Rici Melion!

Tone on Tone

Tonal dressing is all the rage this season. However, it may be a little tricky to pull it off but pairing it in the right way with the perfect balance can effortlessly let you ace the look. The aim is to mix up the hues and textures just enough so that there is depth and interest in the outfit.

Confused on how to pull this off? Visit the Rici Melion stores and consult the Fashion Stylists on floor or set up an online meeting with Rici Melion’s personal stylists that will give you the best fashion advice according to what suits you perfectly.

Wide Legged Trousers

The wide legged trouser trend may become a mainstream tailoring trend in 2020 and you would want to experiment with them too! Rici Melion showcased this trend on the runway on a fashion show and you can easily get one made for yourself from the designer label that knows it all!

If wide-legged trousers as a trend confuse you, keep on the lookout for slightly narrower straight leg cuts instead, or focus on styles that add structure like pleated fresh folds.

Revitalize your wardrobe and experiment with the novel tailoring trends in suiting to make a mark in the crowd. You don’t want to look mainstream or basic now, do you?

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