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Corresponding Dress Shoes and Suits

Corresponding Dress Shoes and Suits

Given the popular opinion, you may also believe that a black dress shoe is perfect to go with any suit, right? Well, that is wrong! There are three main shoe colors; black, brown and burgundy, and pairing them correctly with the right suit can make or break your look. You can find all of these three colors at Rici Melion, the finest designer label providing an array of premium leather footwear.

We will give you a rundown of all the right combinations so you don’t end up messing up.

Navy Blue Suits

The shoe colors compatible with a navy blue suit are essentially black brown and burgundy. Navy blue is an easy and comfortable color that compliments all three of the main colors of men’s dress shoes. These three colors blend in perfectly with a navy blue suit giving a contrasting effect and is the safest option to choose when confused about choosing a color.

Light/Medium Gray Suits

As in the previous case, the shoe colors compatible with a gray suit are black brown and burgundy. However, for medium gray suits, a black shoe color is the best choice as it gives a formal look and what better place to acquire it from than Rici Melion, the designer label. On the other hand, brown and burgundy shoes are best when a gray suit is paired with a patterned shirt as they give a smart-casual vibe. 

Charcoal Gray Suits

For a charcoal gray suit, the essential shoe colors are black and burgundy and we advise you to avoid brown at all costs. The reason being that a brown shoe color doesn’t match well with the suit and creates a dramatic contrast that is not advised. The best choice in this case would be to just choose an all-black dress shoe or if needed, a deep burgundy colored shoe to add a classy touch to the entire look.

Brown Suits

As for brown suits, black is the color to be avoided in shoes whereas brown and burgundy are both compatible. With brown shoes, it should be ensured that the shade of the shoes and suits are not identical otherwise that will just ruin the entire look. It is essential for the shoes to be a shade or two darker than the suit. Black is advised against as it provides a melancholic contrast and just never match well. The personal stylists at Rici Melion will help you match the right shade of brown shoes with your brown suit!

Black Suits

The most powerful and apt option is a black colored shoe for a black suit whereas brown and burgundy are advised to be avoided. In the prefect scenario, a black suit goes best with black shoes as the other two colors make the look too casual. This outfit won’t be a regular use one because of its formal nature.

The above matching suggestions prove to be a safe guide for all those struggling to match the right shoes with their suits. However, there will always be exceptions according to the nature of the event but in most cases, Rici Melion’s classic combinations will work the best!

You can find the most exquisite premium leather shoes in all three colors at Rici Melion. Discover more!
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