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RTW About blazers

RTW About blazers

Rici Melion has fulfilled the need of being the lavish global designer label and has rooted the trends of Milan in to its design philosophy. It has been made sure that the Italian craftsmanship is demonstrated in each design and cut by Rici Melion. Such exemplary work of art, variety of fabrics, designs and cuts has been a renaissance of the Italian creativity.

Blazers are a very essential part of every man’s wardrobe and are considered the most versatile, timeless and elegant garment till date. It is the garment you turn to when you want to be more elegant than normal, especially during the mid-season. It is also a catch-all on days when you don’t know what to wear, since it combines perfectly with the most casual garments in your wardrobe. Rici Melion ready to wear blazer collection comes in many different styles; you can choose the classic blazers for more formal occasions and a smart style with a structured design for your more informal events.

With Rici Melion Blazers exude a smooth, stylishly fresh look in a most comfortable way with the deluxe fabric and the modern slim-fit Italian cut of these versatile blazers will allow you to experience luxury. Our luxurious ready to wear blazer collection will ensure that your evenings are graceful and sophisticated. All the blazers at Rici Melion are crafted with a thoughtful construction and craftsmanship. Rici Melion blazers are not only an epitome of fine stitching but they are also created with the perfect Italian lapel roll and a perfect fit.

Variety of designs, cuts and materials are available including a trendy two button single breasted front, double breasted front, notch lapel, shawl lapel, peak lapel and wool blended or tropical fabric material in a contemporary fit along with four button cuffs, a chest pocket, two front flap or bone pockets and a silk inner Lining. All the designs are equally alluring and will make you look classy.

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