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About RTW Western Waistcoats

About RTW Western Waistcoats

Rici Melion has evolved itself as per the latest fashion trends and provides a one window solution for a complete men's wardrobe. Rici Melion a global designer label name in men's wear understands the state-of-the-art technology, expertise and eye for detail. We create products that surpass all expectations, making a designer label that is widely recognized both in local and international markets.

WaistcoatWtakes the center stage with the light and comfortable materials made with the perfect design for any moment. If you are looking for a basic V shaped sleeveless waistcoat with a W bottom and 6 button front, we offer you a variety in colors with such designs. On the other hand, if you are looking for a garment with its own personality in pattern, with a different cut and double breasted, then we offer you many U shaped iconic pieces with adjustable back buckle.

The entire waistcoat collection is crafted with class and style to give you a lasting impression. Detailing and intricacy is a key to our range that truly reflects precision and perfection needed to set you a class apart. Rici Melion with its craft promises an immaculate couture with the promise of the finest fabric quality to the valued patrons.


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