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Style Tips for a Plus Sized Man

Style Tips for a Plus Sized Man

Regardless of your size, one needs to have an amazing wardrobe that flatters the body type in the best possible way. Rici Melion has, since its inception, excelled in successfully dressing up people from all walks of life. Remember, confidence is key; with the right confidence and some simple style tips you will be able to pull off anything! Wait till the end of the article for a style tip that will help you all your life.

Create Illusions

The key to looking sharper and slimmer is using visual trickery. Firstly, minimize surface area. Always tuck dress shirts into trousers and use a belt to break up the belly from the crotch. Secondly, darken out the bulky areas that you don’t want to emphasize, and wear lighter tones over your slimmer areas.

Solid Neutrals

You would want to avoid blocked bright hues but solid neutral colors should be your main focus: navy, chocolate, olive, black and grey. These dark shades help compliment your body size and are perfect for t-shirts, jackets and knits.

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The Right Fit is your Best Friend

Being a plus sized man, you have enhance proportions and finding the perfect fit attire off the rack will be a difficult task. Every man needs a tailor and you are no exception, get your perfectly tailored attire at Rici Melion, with cutting edge technology that we excel in!

Sturdy Fabrics

Your wardrobe should compromise of light yet sturdy fabrics because thick fabrics will add more bulk to your frame whereas too thin fabrics will emphasize on all those curves and lumps that we want to hide.

Classic Prints

Divulge in more standard patterns like checks and stripes on button down shirts. The distractive element in them takes attention away from the body type and also helps in accentuating a boring work look. Also try dark hues and subtle stripes on blazers in muted tones. Avoid busy graphics or patterns as much as you can! No matter what the season is, Rici Melion has always ensured to have classic prints in all its collections.

Structural & Basic

It’s vital to not indulge in experimental clothing and focus more on structures yet simple silhouettes that are clean and give shape according to the body structure. You can easily find these at Rici Melion.

A simplicity tip is to eliminate chunky wallets and keys from pockets and invest in a card holder or money clips in order to not create a bulge.

Style Tip: Just walk into one of Rici Melion’s outlet and get advice according to your body type and frame from our stylists trained by our design team to accommodate you in the best possible manner.

Follow these simple style tips from the fashion experts at Rici Melion to revitalize your wardrobe to suit your body type in the best possible way!
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