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Rici Melion has always been extremely vocal about mental health issues prevalent in the society that are predominantly still a taboo. For this purpose, Rici Melion aspires to be the voice for all the people struggling and encouraging them to talk about it as it’s about time now that we break the stigma and normalize mental health.

In order to play its part, Rici Melion has taken the following steps:

  1. An International Awareness program regarding mental health was designed to provide assistance and support to anyone struggling, who reached out from any part of the world through a well devised social media campaign.
  2. Rici Melion dedicated its entire Fashion Show Collection, ‘Voices’, showcased at PFDC Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week, 2019 to raise awareness about mental health.
  3. Rici Melion has active social media pages, one namely @bettermetherapy, dedicated entirely to accommodate and support people who want to talk about their mental health issues. We care about their wellbeing and want to improve the lives of those with mental illnesses.

Our mission is to fight the taboo associated with mental health and raise awareness nationwide.

Ethical Business Practices

Rici Melion is committed to carrying out its business activities in a sustainable manner. That’s why we aim to only work with suppliers that meet the internationally recognized standards of the International Labour Organization:

  • No forced labour
  • No discrimination
  • No child labour
  • A salary that covers basic family needs
  • No excessive overtime
  • Healthy and safe working environment
  • Legal employment contract