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History of the White Shirt

History of the White Shirt

We are all familiar with the classic white button down shirt, aren’t we? But do we know that it dates back to almost 200 years ago, when this single piece of apparel signified wealth, status and fashion norms! It is an untold story even though the history of the white shirt is rich. So being the finest designer label, Rici Melion, brings yet another interesting article for its patrons.

Starting from the Victorian era, the white shirt has since then evolved in terms of what it denotes. Back then, it was a significant symbol of class distinction and wealth, even though it was hidden under outer garments most of the times.

The pure white color of the shirt signified masculinity and exclusivity as at that time not many people were able to acquire a white shirt. The symbolic difference of color, blue and white, gave birth to the terms ‘white collar’ and ‘blue collar’, denoting difference in affluence. Rici Melion has always incorporated the white collar in its formal shirts representative of the affluent clientele that it caters to.

However, with time the influence of the white shirt as a means to define status diminished as the increasing affordability of the shirt allowed almost everyone to wear it. The defining factor no longer remained the color of the shirt, instead it became the right fit, premium quality and expert tailoring, that you can still find at Rici Melion, in today’s times.

As times moved further, the concept of ‘power dressing’ made the white shirt regain its association to authority and prestige, and powerfully holds on to the rightful dominance it had over other colors since then. You can find an array of premium white shirts in the finest fabrics at Rici Melion, always making sure that our patrons take pride in our products!

No matter how much time passes, the classic white shirt always represents moral respectability. It is still seen as a ‘proper’ garment as opposed to the colorful and printed shirts that are considered highly casual. Also, as a fashion rule, every individual should have a white shirt in multiples, a single one wont do.

Now when you pass by an assortment of white shirts, you will know exactly what history it entails and you can just pause to consider the significant historical aspects of its inception. However, if you are looking to acquire a white shirt, after knowing its history, Rici Melion is the right place! Discover your favorite white shirts at

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