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The Denim Care!

The Denim Care!

Finding the right denim is a task and once you do, it becomes a unique piece to you as it showcases an extension to your personality and is personalized by the shape it falls into due to your every move. In order to make your favorite denim last the longest, you need to make sure you know the right way to care for it! With the right care, the denim will reward you by being a versatile clothing item showcasing the most unique stages of aged fades. Looking for the perfect denim? Discover your favorites at

The following guide will help you take care of your denim:

Frequency of Washing your Denim

No matter what kind of denim you own, skim through the care label placed inside the garment and read it thoroughly before you even think about throwing your denim into the washing machine. The care label will usually provide an understanding on areas such as temperature, washing instructions and whether or not the denim should be ironed. However, the lesser the denim is washed, the more it retains its structure. Rici Melion’s denims tend to stand the test of time and retain their shape for the longest time. It will always be a good invest

How to Wash your Denim

You don’t need to give your denim a full wash every time you get a little stain on it. The area can usually be wiped clean by a wet wipe. However, when the entire denims needs to be refreshed, it’s best to turn the denim inside out and then wash them. In the case of solid colored denims, you would want to wash them separately with other dark denims. Rici Melion, being the finest designer label, has just the finest variety of premium quality designer denims. No matter how many times you wash them, the color remains intact.

Getting Rid of White Streaks on the Denim

So many times it happens, your denims appear with materialized white streaks after you take them out of the washing machine. A detergent that is powder based will prevent the white streaks to form on your denim and that way you can save them. However, if you feel the white streaks are because of the color eroding away, you can get the denim re-dyed to restore its color.

Storing the Denim the Right Way

It is advised to hang the denim or store it at the back of a chair so that the desired and right creases stay intact. You don’t want to ruin the look now, do you? However, when hanging the denim, avoid hangers with metal claps as they can possibly leave lasting impressions on your favorite pair. Find your favorite pair at Rici Melion!

The refined array of premium quality denims in a superior breathable fabric at Rici Melion are just the right ones to easily stand the test of time while effortlessly making you look stylish and chic. What are you waiting for then? Discover more at
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